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Our most active member and secretary of PPES, Mrs. Chitralekha Nrupal Patil, is always on the move. Her introduction can be heard from each and every student of PPES because of her pleasant attitude. And she always has time to meet the students and discuss with them about their progress.
As Secretary of PPES, she has a strict timetable yet she looks after multiple jobs. For her, every student is important, and their future growth is imperative. She keeps track record of the institutions performance and highlights the area of improvement in the board meetings.

Her intellectual mind has successfully strengthened our strategy at every step. Besides this, she takes the initiative to bring in the necessary changes as per the new development norms that come in the government policies, in relation to education. She always ensures that not a single student compromises on their studies and training, while they are with PPES.
Daughter-in-law of Shri. Jayant Prabhakar Patil, she also gives her time to social work and is at the helm of a lot many active social campaigns. And, we feel proud to have her at PPES.
With a clear focus on academic development of the students, she plans to make PPES, the best educational institution in the district of Raigad.

Hon. Mrs. Chitralekha N. Patil

Prabhakar Patil Education Society (PPES)